Now that we are officially in spring, it’s very likely most of us have thought about taking some serious exercise and slimming actions.  It’s incredible how over-indulgence over Christmas can have such a devastating effect on waistlines and health!  I personally find that my lower joints are very painful when I put on even a small amount like 2 or 3 Lb.  It’s for that reason I limit certain foods and have a really good ‘clean through’ every so often.  Nothing faddy or drastic but I try toup my water intake – and drink a few more lemon/green teas in the day, both to flush out the system and stop me from scoffing the stuff I know I shouldn’t!  My lunches are always home made soup at this time of year – I make it  quickly in a soup-making machine.  Vegetables, stock cube, dried herbs, seasoning, tinned tomatoes and plain old water.  Yummee, satisfying and hardly a calorie out of place!