When Men’s Products Need Explaining

In the old days, say several centuries ago, it was very common for men of stature or means to wear make up or some sort of skin products – like with royalty, vanity encouraged the use of all sorts of ghastly stuff like lead and chalk, and lime – they used perfume products that came from the exotic orient too.  Today things are a whole lot safer and pleasant.  The manufacturing processess are also so much more reliable.  With ingredients that are reliable and cheaper to manufacture now, there are hundreds of products out there to match any pocket.  Mens’ aftershave for example – it’s not just for the nice rugged aroma that drifts ahead of a chap’s arrival near his secretary’s desk.  It’s to condition the skin after the shaving process.  A shaving balm is nicer on the skin, as liquid aftershave has a tendency to tingle rather a lot.   With the balm come conditioning oils which help to smooth the skin, moisturising as well as sealing it and of course, there’s always a rather nice scent with it.