School Pals Who Skipped Still Fit As Fiddles

Skipping.  Yep, that wonderful holiday time filler.  My sisters and I used to absolutely love using the unwanted section of a nice lightweight pliable plastic coated washing line.  Oh how we used to go faster and faster until, inevitably, I would trip over the rope and land in an inelegant heap – much to my chagrine but to the merriment of all around me.  However, having told a tale of woe, it must have done us great good because of all my little group of holiday skipping pals, all of us at still fantastically fit and mobile – give or take the odd replaced joint and prescription for arthritis pain killers!

Looking after our bodies when we get over the late teens and then the late forties, is critical.  No one can provide us with a new heart and lungs just like that when the others get worn out through lack of care and attention.