Scent Of Success Re-Energising The High Street

Oh how the other half lives.  I was wandering listlessly down my local high street recently – it’s definitely had its day and is now very much in the shadow of its bright shiny and exciting new out of town shaped sister.  I had been looking for ideas for present for the forthcoming Cristmas bunfight.  Sadly, nothing could flood into my mind.  I did however gain cheer and much relief when I visited the local independent pharmacy.  They have a huge counter dedicated to all things perfume, after-shave and make up shaped.  Wow the fantastic range of perfumes was eye popping.  All the latest after shave items too.  They are in a great position – the Post Office shares their shop floor.  You can’t help taking a good look at the display shelves whilst waiting to go up to the PO counter.  I shall definitely be popping back there in weeks leading up to Christmas.  Shop local!