Precautions To Enjoy Mad Midday Sun

Summer in the sun.  That very thought is enough to lift any jaded spirit.  However it is so easy to get carried away these days now that global warming has started to produce incredibly hot summers year after year.  This is when we really do need to take care about skin and hair care, diet and exercise.   Drinking lots more fluid than usual is a must to keep the body hydrated.  Apart from natural functions being maintained, the skin also needs more moisture.  Changing our make up and body lotion products to include a higher sun protection factor is essential too.  The sun is dangerously hot and for all the larking about on the beach or dipping in and out of the pool, there has to be a sensible approach to protection both hair and skin from the harshest rays  between 11 and 3pm.  Covering lightly with a white cotton sleeved throw on top and hat will protect a little but staying inside does more!