Pilates – Essential Relaxation Routines

I belong to a pilates group – we meet every Monday evening in a tiny village school a couple of miles away.   I have been going regularly for two years in this batch but before needing serious surgery that put me out of circulation for a while, I had clocked up many years with the same tutor.    So essential is pilates in my life, whenever I was posted away from home in a previous job, I always looked up a local group for an impromptu ‘keeping up’ session.

This method of exercise, stretching movement is absolutely critical for me personally and listening to my colleagues in the hall last night, I am not alone.  We had been unable to meet for 3 consecutive Mondays – the hall being unavailable for hire – were all bemoaning this as we arrived but were glowing with joyful free movement by the time our hour of relaxed toning was up!