Passing Time Suggests A Change In Skin Routine

When you start getting to a certain age, you begin to change the way you look at your beauty routine.  The thought that maybe a change of skin cream wouldn’t be a bad idea, and maybe a slightly more effective cleanser and toner – one of the new miscellar warter products now on the market.  One of the major makes now has one specifically for the more mature skin – it contains a level of oil in it to really make the skin feel soft and not dried out.

Using a base anti wrinkl cream is a must, rubbed firmly into the neck and decolletage too.  In my csse I then do the full body buff and rubbing in of lightweight but effective body lotion.  Then back to my face to apply the day cream proper – I always choose one with factor 25 or above.  My routine at night exactly the same except the night version of skin cream over the anti wrinkle base.  Voila!