Little Makeup Updates Which Make a Big Difference!

It’s getting to the time of year where it begins getting colder, we start wrapping up warm and switching the heating on!  This means it is a great time to start to update your beauty regime too!  Here are my fave tips for winter beauty for all skin types.

Focus on the skin.  When we start using central heating and there are freezing cold mornings and we simply want to stay indoors, it is the best time to add a little more to your skin care routine.  Now is the time to hydrate more (since central heating takes a lot of moisture from the skin) in order to get a great base for makeup.  Using richer face creams and serums can really help to add moisture to dry skin.  Foundation can be a little richer too in winter, as you are less likely to have the bright sun showing up every trace of makeup on the skin!

Brows – tame those brows girl!  In winter you can get away with having a thicker brow, empahsised with either pencil or powder eyebrow colour to add definition and shape.

Lips – get rid of the pinks and oranges, it is time for plums, purples and dark, vampy shades.  Think deep burgundy and red wine shades.  These suit the majority of skin tones, but experiment to find the perfect shade to suit your undertones.  As a rule, warmer undertones can wear more pinky plums and cooler undertones should look for more blue based lippies.

Eyes – you can begin to add more drama to the eyes now, with winged liner and smokey shadows and of course, lots of mascara!