Keeping your skin hydrated in winter

The colder season is on us now, and it is increasingly important to ensure your skin is kept well hydrated.  The cold, combined with central heating and conditioned air in our offices and shops can sap the moisture from your skin and leave it feeling dry and looking dull.

The first thing to do is buy a good quality moisturising cream.  This applies even if you have oily skin – it is vital to moisturise all skin types!  In winter, look for a richer cream which can really sink into the skin.  You might want to invest in a good night cream too, to really lock in moisture while you sleep.

You must remember to drink enough water during the winter months.  It can be tempting to keep drinking hot drinks like coffee and hot chocolate, but these will not hydrate you as well as water.  If you really can’t stand a cold drink, enjoy plenty of hot green tea or herbal tea, which can help with any breakouts you might suffer too.