How Pupster Sitting Improved Health & Wellbeing

One of the joys about baby sitting someone’s pupster is that you have to go out for regular walks, come rain or shine.  And with that the great improvement to my own wellbeing.  It is really astonishing how much happier I feel when I take this responsibility – my body, skin and hair all agree!  This was something I really came to appreciate when caring for my daughter’s puppy during several of her jaunts away from home.  I obviously had to get used to the discipline side of dog walking – ensuring he walked on the side of the path I wanted, and no pulling, no barking and definitely no jumping up!

It doesn’t take long to get in to a routine of getting up at a regular time, having breakfast together, then on with the outdoor togs and brisk walkies to the bridle path where we join the farm walks.  I may be heading to the dog rehoming centre myself!