How 60 Is The New 40 Suddenly

I was at a 30th birthday party the other week.  My that was a fun day, with all the family attending from various parts of the country.  You can imagine the laughter and gossip – some of the ‘significant others’ in the group were bemused and quite frankly, astonished, at the sheer amount of chit chat that could go on between a bunch of cousins in one room!  What was very obvious though is that some of the family retain fabulous young looks – I can actually count myself amongst this lot – it came as a surprise to several folk to calculate I am 20 odd years older than one or two there – I don’t look it because I really do care for my skin with a very simple but regular routine.  However tired I am, I never retire without cleaning off eye make up really thoroughly then my face & throat.  On goes anti wrinkle cream, before moisturising.