Enter The Blokie World Of The Flossing & Moisturising

Let’s hear it for the boys.  Just once now and then won’t do any harm, I’m sure!  I do have a couple of male pals who are very into their skin care regime.  It’s amusing when they get together – they’re babbling about this product or that.  Now I know how they’ve felt for the previous 2016 years!  But seriously, there is something to be said for everyone taking care of their skin from the word go.  Obvously mum’s and some dads start this off with the use of baby products, but generally once baby has been weaned and running about all over the shop, then they don’t tend to get so much skin care tossed at them.  Putting a daily moisturiser on after the morning shower shouldn’t just be the ladies’ perogative.  All humans should make some effort to keep skin soft, healthy and smooth for comfort and hygiene.