Covering Up & Shady Seating To Limit Skin Damage

Ah the damage that a rough winter day can do to the skin is really rather worring.  For those of us who still retain an unlikely but gratefully accepted youthful bloom a good skin routine is critical.  I have never personally been one for sitting out in the sun for any length of time.  Strangely, I feel utterly worn out when it gets really hot and I’m useless when the humidity levels rise in tandem!  I am lucky enough to stay with a chum on a sunnt isle in the Med, I go every year for 2 weeks in September.  Although it is still very hot, it doesn’t have that exhausting, head busting humidity that drains the life out of you.  I cover up all the time, have a massive brimmed hat and sit in the shade.   I am also the only one with lilly white skin however, but hey, I won’t look like my granny any time soon !