Controlling Weight Eases Signs Of Early Aging

One of the most difficult things to keep on top of at any time of year is the exercise -v- weight ratio.  I personally find it easier to maintain a good lighter weight when I look after a relative’s puppy for a fortnight.  I have to get up off the sofa and got for walks 3 times a day and because he is a very bouncy and active ‘teenage’ pupster, and by heck he needs plenty of walkies.

I had to have a total knee replacement a few years ago – it was noted when I was in early 40s that my knee was seriously bad but I had to wait another 17 years before I was allowed a replacement . . . . .  keeping off as much weight as possible really helped me stay mobile, stay sane, and critical for a vain hussy like me, it saved me from looking my age.  so get that walking leash out and go for it!