Contaminated Egg Crisis Causes Diet Quandry

Lots and lots of bad news hanging around at the moment regarding one of my favourite foods – eggs.  There has been some bizarre tale that seemed slightly comical at first but has since swept up into an international scandal, around Europe anyway.  One of the major egg farms in the netherlands has had problems with insecticide having been used inappropriately, causing contamination of the eggs.  It can only be at a gactory setting as our health watchdogs say any eggs imported here will have gone for sandwich making and processing into other goods like cakes etc.  This is only mldly reassuring.  I never buy eggs that do not cleary say free range, and if I can get them easily where I am shopping, I choose totally free to roam eggs.   The thought of having to choose a different means of getting my iron and egg benefits throws me into a state of panic!