Choosing a Great New Perfume – Which to Go For

When choosing a perfume, you have a number of things to consider.  You need to think about how often you’ll be wearing your new fragrance, as this will determine the size bottle and the type of fragrance.  You should also consider your budget as many perfumes can easily spiral out of your designated budget!  You should think about the time of year as well, as the season can mean your perfume choices will work better than others.

Perfume comes in two varieties – EDP and EDT.  EDP stands for Eau de Parfum and is a rich and strong fragrance.  This is a pure perfume, so is long lasting and stronger than EDT.  EDT means Eau de Toilette, which is a lighter, diluted fragrance.  Both a fabulous at different times and on different people!  EDP tends to be more expensive, simply because it has more perfume oil in it!

EDT is a good choice for those wearing perfume in the summer as it is less likely to react with the sunshine and cause reactions on the skin.  It also suits younger skin more and as it is lighter can be layered up nicely.  You could wear 2-3 different fragrances lightly misted over the body to create your own bespoke scent.