Brisk Walks To Combat Those Sluggish Days

There are some days when you find it’s a more difficult to wake up and get moving about.  I do find this happens to me when I’ve been a tad sluggish for a couple of days.  By that I mean instead of going out for that brisk walk after lunch every day, that I promised myself earlier this  year, I decide to see what’s on catch up tv and forget all about the benefits of the walk!  When I get ‘the slugs’ as I call them, I shake myself up by doing extra on the spot exercise – and then a couple of lemon green teas and get out there for that walk.  Sometimes I use the footpaths along the fields near me or over to the rugby club that offers much space.  Other times I just briskly walk around the estate.  It’s the fresh air, of all kinds, getting oxygene into my system.  And the feeling of well being – essential pick me up!