Being Age Aware With Perfume Raises Confidence

I have recently been checking out one or two of the new perfume online sites that have been making a splash.  I always used to think I couldn’t wear scent of any kind, especially when in my teenage years.  Although I was actually tall, willowy and probably thought of as attractive, I was also awkward, clumsy and not very lady-like.  I used to trip over my own feet – to save my embarrassment, I used to joke constantly about them always getting everywhere two minutes before the rest of me.  They don’t seem so huge these days now that today’s girls are growing so much taller!

I was never confident with scent – probabl because my only experimentation was with our mum’s rather meagre selection, Ma Griffe, L’aimont, Yardley Lavender and YSL Paris.  They were not the lightweight whiffs that would have been more appropriate for the age!