Beauty Routines Not All Staged

I was reading an article by a particularly fine actress recently – she is very well known for having an amazing repertoire of voices and looks – exactly what a top actress needs in that profession.  She is also an ambassador for a well known make of beauty products which are available throughout the high street and some discount outlets.  I like to think that when this doyenne of stage and screen scrapes off that oily greasepaint of studio make up with it’s heavy black mascara and those red lips staining everything in sight, that she really does pop on the exfoliation scrub, followed by the gentle facial wash and moisturiser.  I don’t have the same challenges she has at the end of a working day but I know from experience that carefully honed skin care routines really do make the best of whatever mother nature has cared enough to provide us.  We ignore the products at our peril!