Banning The Bulge Providers Helps Contain Bad Habits

It is just so easy to go overboard and eat far too much – not necessarily in one or two sittings, but taking our everyday habits over a six month period.   Every time we finish up the bits and bobs that our kiddies have left on their plate – that extra crust of bread or bit of pie – all additional calories on top of our own daily requirements really do add up in an alarming manner.  I find it very difficult to stop myself scoffing bread once I know there’s some in the fridge.  I have absolutely no willpower whatsoever, so whenever there’s anything in the house that I like but shouldn’t have, I can’t seem to stop at just one slice or one packet – it’s a disgrace and I am very ashamed, though family and friends think this is hilarious – I have cured this by simply not buying anything at all that is calorie laden and not part of a proper meal, so out have gone special loaves, all cakes, all crisps, all sweeties – especially sweeties!