Anti Aging Pointers Essential In Hottest Weather

One of the best things to come out of the cosmetics world in the last few  years is face moisturiser which includes SPF factors.  At one time – there was no such thing as an SPF code – you got washed, dabbed on the face cream and body lotion if bothered, and nature made the most of things.  Now though, to hang on to youthful looks and a bloom if we’re still lucky to pocess one, is to follow a few make up and skin care rules.  Taking a lot more rest is one.  Switching off all the gizmos well before bedtime aids restful sleep.  Drinking lots of water throughout the day and early evening.  Tail off mid eve, don’t want too many night trips.   Clean skin well but gently – exfoliate face and neck regularly and apply anti wrinkle and then day cream & then night cream as appropriate.    And drink gallons of tap water.