Hi, I’m Sarah, a 34 year old full time mum living in London. I’ve always been facinated by beauty products from a young girl, wanting to always try on my mums makeup. It’s funny how back then things have changed so much and we’re now in an era where expensive marketing channels and advertisements are constantly bombarding women to part with their money.

From mascara, to lip stick to all kinds of beauty products, I will personally provide my thoughts and opinion (based on research) on the types of products and services that are definitely worth the money. I will also begin posting more videos over on my YouTube channel to help you out with spotting a bargain when you’re in and around those busy shopping centres!

There are plenty of excellent wellness fitness resource internet sites for ladies and there are just as many terrific magazines that are complete of valuable exercising guidelines, nutritional guidelines, and all sorts of ideas to have you hunting and feeling excellent. And isn’t that what all girls want? Nonetheless, there are option solutions to all troubles.