A Little Extra Skin Care Needed In Freezing Weather

We have really had a battering with the weather lately.  It’s been firstly very wet during the autumn, that isn’t too awful for skin, or mine anyway.  It’s dreadful to hair mind you – those of us with very fine, baby like locks are prone to damp frizzy locks in no time!  But recently the damness gave way to seriously freezing weather for a week, followed in turn by one day of sunshine, and then snow.  Skin does not like cold – it likes freezing windy and cold even less.  Chapped lips, dry skin and freezing cold hands.  Not a good combination.  Drinking plenty of cold water is still needed to hydrate the skin, and with a little extra moisturiser night and morning, the face and throat area should survive.  A good weekly facial scrub helps my skin to look fresh for longer too -taking off the dead dry cells can only help you to shine.