A Dab Here & A Spray There – Make Up For All

When I was a youngster, wearing make up was a great adventure and treated as something to be worked towards, like a rite of passage.  Our mother used to let us wear a little perfume, a dab on one wrist on high days and holidays.  If she was making her face up, we might get a small pat of powder on our cheeks but nothing more exotic than that.  When we got to 11, she used to get us our ery own bottle of oil of ulay.  This was definitely a sign that we were expected to start growing up.  This magic elixur of life was inended to gently glide on to our face and neck and stop any wrinkles daring to make themselves known!  I only stopped using it and changed to another wrinkle cream and moisturiser combo when I was in my mid twenties.  As far as I remember, mum has only ever used the Ulay product, she’s over 90 now and still looks fantastic.