Skincare Need More Emphasis When Flying

Even in the cooler summer weather, it is necessary to look after our skin as carefully as possible to retain optimum moisture levels.  It also needs a lot of drinking of water, soft drinks and one or two fruit/herbal teas.   It can safely be said that many high cafffeine drinks like tea and strong cofee are not doing the skin any good.   Nor does any form of smoking and quite possibly the new vaping habit that seems to be sweeping the country.    The smoking especially, is terrible for altering the confection   The best way to nurture skmin is to feed and water it – just like we treat our pets and favourite flower beds!  The smoking dries up skin around the mouth area, causing little lines to project out a little more each season.    I did see several very tanned old matrons hovering near the departure gate and I vowed not to be the oldest looking kid on the block!